Trusted Home Lighting Services in Redondo Beach


Home Exterior Lighting


Does your home’s exterior lighting leave something to be desired? Are you looking to enhance your home’s security and ensure safety for your guests after dark?

With the right exterior lighting, you can improve your home’s curb appeal while adding value and function. At Zimmerman Electric Company, we design, install and service exterior lights for our valued customers in the Redondo Beach, CA area. Whether you’re concerned about security, energy efficiency, illuminating your landscape or simply enhancing your home’s exterior, our professional electricians work hand in hand with you to create exactly the right lighting system for your needs. 

At Zimmerman Electric Company, we specialize in transforming your vision for your exterior lighting into a reality. Our expert technicians deliver meticulous workmanship and total professionalism. And from the moment you call for an estimate, you can expect friendly and attentive service. 

Let us help you add visual appeal, function and value to your Redondo Beach, CA home with new exterior lighting.



Lighting Repair


Do-it-yourself home improvement projects can be fun for the whole family - but when it comes to lighting repair, it's usually wise to leave the job to a professional electrician.

Our master electricians are highly trained and have years of experience in a wide variety of lighting repair work, including:

  • Rewire lamps, ceiling lights and chandeliers

  • Rewire wall switches

  • Install lighted ceiling fans

We also specialize in repairing commercial lighting, including:

  • Parking lot lights

  • Neon lighting

  • Security lighting



Recessed Lighting


Whether you’re remodeling your entire home or simply wish to add a little light to a room, no form of lighting is as streamlined and well integrated as recessed lighting.

Recessed lighting is artfully placed within a wall or ceiling, and as such integrates gracefully with a room. This adds greatly to your homes aesthetic and eliminates the need for bulky and protrusive lighting fixtures.

At Zimmerman Electric Company, we are a full service electrician that specializes in recessed lighting installation. We'll help you design an elegant and well integrated recessed lighting system for as many rooms as you require.

Zimmerman Electric Company's installation is prompt and efficient. We’ve installed countless recessed lighting systems for your friends and neighbors and are proud of our reputation as the Redondo Beach, CA's premiere lighting specialists.

We are fully licensed, insured and prepared to undertake the job regardless of size. Big or small, Zimmerman Electric Company is prepared to undertake the job and outfit your home with elegant recessed lighting.