Exterior Home Security Lighting

There are many types of lighting systems which can add security and ambiance to your home. When you hear a sound in your yard, you can always look through your window, but, unless the yard is well lit, there is no way you will be able to tell what is going on outside. It could be an animal; it could be the wind blowing tree branches. Or it could be a burglar trying to break into your home. He has now seen you look out the window and has a better idea than you do of what he's up against if the burglary escalates to a home invasion.


Strategically placed low-level lighting can increase security while providing natural ambiance

Having home security lighting makes good sense. By installing security lighting around your home, your view increases enormously, adding another tier to your general home security. Your yard will be well lit so that you or your neighbors can spot intruders before they can do any harm. These lights can also be useful if you typically return home late at night. Visibility of your surroundings from your car to your door will give you security and great peace of mind. It also means you won't be tripping over anything that is between your front door and your driveway.

Types of home security lighting

There are different types of home security lights. It all depends on what you prefer and what you need. There are many types of lights which are available for a variety of applications. Planning to install a home security lighting system is excellent. But, you also need to know the kind of options you have to choose the ones that suit you best. An electrician can help if you aren't sure, or if you want the expertise of a professional installation.

Below are some popular home security lighting options:

Dusk to dawn lighting

Having your home lit reduces the risk of a burglar selecting your house for his mission. However, floodlights discourage anyone from actually looking to see what is happening, so low lights, strategically placed, are more efficient. The dusk-to-dawn lights require in-built photocells or a timer. Having home security lights like this can increase the nighttime ambiance, but also demand that they are on all or most of the night. This continual use makes the energy cost for the dusk to dawn lighting high, particularly considering frequent replacement costs if you don't use LED lights.

People are often surprised by what a motion light and camera duo will pick up.

People are often surprised by what a motion light and camera duo will pick up.

Motion-activated lighting

Motion-activated lighting is incredibly popular, and there's a good reason for that; it gives more benefits than other types of home security lighting. It is inexpensive, convenient, and of course, offers proficient security. The motion-activated lighting works by detecting motion several feet away. Based on the angle of the sensor and the proximity of the movement, the motion light will go on and then go off if the motion goes out of range again. These lights will not need to be replaced as frequently, as they aren't on all night.

Hi/lo motion-activated lights

Hi/lo, motion-activated lighting is a type of home security lighting is the combination of the previous two. This means that the lamps are on from dusk until dawn but at only 20% of their wattage unless the motion sensors detect movement, in which case they brighten to their full capacity.

Some homeowners want their lighting connected to a Smart Home system and motion cameras to make full use of crime deterrent options. Regardless of what you want, if you're going to take advantage of your options, have a professional electrician install a new lighting system or upgrade your current one. We're here to help.